All-natural makeup setting powder

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This is what happens when you don’t blog in a long ass while and then remember all the cool shit you’ve figured out and want to share with the world. I’ll try to pace myself in the future.

I’ve been returning most of my “natural” makeup to Sephora because even companies like Tarte and Josie Maran have some ingredients that I’d like to live without. I’m trying to get rid of anything processed and sticking with minimal, raw and natural ingredients. Less can be as effective or even better than more.

This note is for the following: chemists, snobs, professors, holy deities, researchers, and know-it-alls: I know that not every chemical is bad for you. I’m also aware that the word ‘chemical’ is misused as water is a chemical, so chill. When I use the word, I’m referring to man-made chemicals that have been found to cause (or possibly cause) harm. Use that same basic idea for the words ‘processed’ and ‘natural’. Got it? Let’s move on.


Deep, cleansing breath.


Setting powder!

Things you should know about me that you might not feel like knowing:

I sweat a lot and it starts at my head.

I have oily skin.


I promise, I’m not a troll – I was just born with super lucky traits! 🙂

When I wear makeup, as much as I used to think it was unnecessary and was just a ploy to have people buy more makeup, I use setting powder every time. I realize that it really does help to keep all that gunk on your face because without it, you’re just a tacky mess, making it easier to wipe off.

After having gone through a few promising natural options from Tarte, CoverFX and Sephora’s own brand, I realized I was still dealing with a lot of questionable chemicals. I set out to make my own stuff and it worked! Plus it leaves your face smelling like Fall crop-dusted your face.

And now for the pictures that will entice you to make this…



Cinnamon 166260770_XS

Excited? Let’s do this!!!!!

Take a bunch of arrowroot powder, put it in a container of your choice (I bought empty powder containers that have the little protective plastic thing to cover those little angry holes for when it’s in your bag and should not be releasing all of its contents into your purse) and mix in cacao powder, nutmeg and cinnamon until you get to your shade. If you don’t have all of these spices, or if you don’t need to go as dark, mess with whichever spices you do have until you get to your shade. I have olive skin and didn’t realize I should start out with a small amount of arrowroot powder.. Lesson learned for the next batch.

Questions I had answered for you!

Will having cacao powder on your face make you all sticky?

No, man – it’s just the raw, pure powder. No sugar, no butter, no nothin’.

Will it look like I have cakeface because the arrowroot is so stark white? 

I didn’t because I’m a bit darker and so there wasn’t an exorbitant amount of arrowroot in my mix. I’ve read that it can initially, but once your makeup cooks (drag term for ‘sets’) and works with your body heat, oil and sweat, it’ll calm down some.

I wish I had a third question to round this out, but those were my only two concerns. Do you have questions about this that I left out? Lemme know!

The ingredient list on this setting powder is so minimal and works so freaking well that I want to marry it.



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