Evy and the Case of the Bothersome Bathroom

clean living

I work in NYC in an area considered so hip, it costs more to live here than it does in Manhattan. This goes to show you that no matter how much money people may have, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have manners or basic common decency. Money buys things. Compassion and consideration buy harmony.

My office building has a bathroom on every floor, shared by about 10+/- companies. Aside from the fact that the bathroom has been neglected by management (lack of hot water and toilet water pressure after 5:00pm, lack of soap, wobbly toilet seats, etc.), the women using the bathroom bring much shame to humanity.

Because this is something that affects me every day and because I know I’m not the only one who’s had enough, I made it my business to request a change.




The title’s kind of harsh, I know, but read the notice and you’ll understand my frustration. I’ve pasted the verbiage below:



Just a few helpful hints to keep us all a bit more conscious of one another, healthier and less judgmental of you.


If you miss, wipe your piss.

If you’re a squatter and you leave presents all over the toilet seat, please know that the chances of the person using the same toilet after you is your mother are very slim. You’re not a child and strangers don’t want to have to clean up after you. The same goes for (I cannot believe I have to actually say this…) blood and feces.

The Two Flush Two-sie

Take an extra second after you’ve flushed and make sure everything has gone down. If not, please flush again. Sometimes it takes hours for a brave soul to flush down your mess out of desperation. No one wants to see or smell what you had for breakfast/lunch.

Cover up

While it may be more sanitary and make perfect sense to put your toilet seat cover down at home, please understand that this is a public toilet. It is used very often throughout the day and so it’s safe to say it’s a lot less sanitary than your home toilet. Don’t make the person using the stall after you have to fish for the cover to lift it. We’re about to use the toilet ourselves with hands that are now, thanks to you, tainted in toilet germs. None of us want to catch an infection or get sick.

Don’t be a dope, use soap

I know we’re all in a rush – our jobs are so important that we barely have time to even be in here. You’re already here, wash your hands, use soap and dry them completely. If not, consider that whatever you did get on your hands (whether or not you noticed and whether or not you believe you did) is now on the door knob. You are spreading germs. If you don’t care, consider the fact that other people are doing it too and you’re getting their germs. Thinking about it more now?

Tampon, Bloody Tampon

I cannot stress how disgusting and unhygienic this is. Unless you’re using a tampon made in the 80s, you can flush today’s tampons down a toilet. The note management left is for pads – do not flush those. Roll them up in the packaging of your new pad, wrap it well in toilet paper and then discard it in the trash. No one wants to see or smell your bloody tampon.

While this list may be harsh, this bathroom has been in disarray for far too long and it’s time we started to consider the people around us. We all have to share this bathroom. Let’s treat it and each other with respect.

I’ve posted something before – a polite and simple request that I can’t currently remember – and it was taken down by management the next day. I put it up again and within a day they took it down. I posted this two weeks ago and not only has management left it since, people have responded.



It’s so nice to see that I’m not alone in this and that people appreciate being given a voice.

I’m glad to post that since my notice, I have not witnessed any of the offenses listed. Awareness and progress!

Lesson to be gleaned? Speak up! People are starved for change, even if it is just a note in an office bathroom.


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