You want some lip chap?

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Flavor Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav!!

Last night I attempted to make lip balm because Accutane is causing me to overdose on the stuff and I cannot handle what pass for safe ingredients in lip balm nowadays.

I take it back, I didn’t attempt it – I OWNED IT.

I followed a recipe I found on Pinterest by Threaded Together and made a tiny change to it.

On her post, she lists:


1/4 cup coconut oil
1 tbsp and 1tsp of beeswax
essential oils or extract of your choice


Melt the coconut oil and beeswax together.
Add the essential oils or extract of your choice.

Using an eye dropper, drop into container of your choice and allow to cool.

I read the comments to see if I could gain some insight from those who’ve tried it and I came across someone questioning whether or not it would melt on hotter days. I wanted a very firm lip balm to begin with – not unlike Chapstick – and so I resolved to use way more beeswax than instructed. I ended up using two tablespoons total, melted the wax and coconut oil in a double broiler (a Pyrex bowl atop a pot with hot water – making sure not to let any water get in the glass bowl) and divided up the melted oils into mason jars so that I could make different scents.

Please note that the melted oils will start to harden fairly quickly, so you have to work fast. I started out by trying to funnel the melted oils by use of a teeny tiny copper funnel, forgetting that the oils would harden ASAP and so a second later I had to scrap that whole idea. The funnel clogged, rendering it Walkman-level useless. Once I mixed in different essential oils to the different mason jars, I poured the concoctions straight from the jars into the empty lip balm tubes. Do this slowly and you wont have a problem.

Since the oils were hardening, I kept the mason jars in the pot with the hot water used for the double broiler. Genius! It kept the oils ready to go and I ended up with 13 tubes. I tried one of the lip balms about ten minutes later and it was perfect.


I apologize for the blurry picture – I threw an effect on there to make it bearable 😉 I didn’t think of making a post about it, I really only took it to show my friends.

Don’t know where to get the ingredients? I’ve been getting my essential and carrier oils from Piping Rock. Their prices are amazing – better than Amazon if you can believe it. I actually looked to Amazon first for the beeswax and the highest rated sellers all had negative comments noting that their beeswax smelled like cigarette smoke. Uh.. No tanks.

I went back to my favorite site and they had it – and for cheaper! Get into it, seriously – these guys have everything you could need to make your own stuff. I also bought my lip balm tubes from there and shock of all shocks, cheaper than anywhere else!



8 thoughts on “You want some lip chap?

    1. I’m in love with the grapefruit from Piping Rock and so I put some with a bit of basil. That one’s definitely my favorite. The basil isn’t as sweet as I’d hoped but it balances the grapefruit nicely. The other scents I mixed were spruce and cedarwood for a real “manly” (I loathe appointing gender to anything) and peppermint and tangerine. I would have done a lemon and peppermint had I remembered I had lemon.

      Do you have any good ideas for new combinations? I love the things you come up with!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Are you going to make some? They’re really great, I’m still shocked at the consistency. I’ve made this before years ago with another recipe and it was a disaster. This one’s definitely a keeper!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, definitely want to make some. Hoping to next week. Still working on lotion LOL. I’m on batch number 9 now and still having trouble. Finally got it to stop separating but now it’s sticky feeling. I will get this!!! I hope haha. 😊


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