Accutane, Week 7 Quickie

random shenanigans

Ben Stein - Clear Eyes

Ahh.. This past week has taken me back. Way, way back, to a magical time called the 90s. My eyes are in some serious hell. They’re super dry, although not red, I have been told they’re tinted yellow. I’m thinking that may be exhaustion and dryness sucking the life out of them, but either way – I don’t want iiiiiit.

Aside from super dry eyes because my body is dehydrated and it’s so cold in NY that my heat is up to 78 degrees, my body decided to rebel in other ways.

I’ve developed my first canker sore (not in life) whilst on Accutane. It looked super funky because it was under my tongue and so it made parts of the floor of my mouth swell. Because it was manifesting itself differently than I’m used to, off to the doctor I went to confirm. Canker sore it is. I am falling apart The Fly style.

The last thing that I’ll report on in my unusually short post is that (CAPTAIN OBVIOUS TIME) you should really stay away from waxing on this stuff. I’ve ripped a bit of skin before and it’s healed rather quickly. My skin is so dry that when I waxed what little currently remains of my lady stache, skin came off with it. A lot. I essentially replaced one stache for another. If you must get rid of unwanted hair – opt for a threading session.




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