Accutane, Week 6

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This past week, I’ve entered full-on-confusionville. It’s been two weeks since I’ve been off the antibiotics and back on Accutane and my scalp hasn’t dried up, my skin isn’t flaky and my lips…why aren’t you the bane of my existence right now??


I know I definitely shouldn’t be complaining but I feel like I broke it. I’d like to get through this medication with it working properly and at the moment I’m pretty nervous. To be fair, this whole damn process has made me nervous, but still.. Why it no work??

On a separate and slightly more carefree note, I celebrated my birthday this weekend. I did pretty much exactly what I wanted to do which more than made up for last year. My friends and I went out, had some Mexican food, saw a phenomenal drag show where we saw Carson Kressley (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and this season’s judge on Drag Race) and then danced for hours.


Why is this so important to my Accutane post? It should be noted that my doctor gave me this advice and that you should consult your own doctor before doing this so that you know if you can at all and what your limit is if they give you the green light.

I don’t drink much because the older I get, the more the hangover wants to join in on the fun so somehow I end up drunk and hungover at the same time. How is that fun? Why does no one warn you that shit like this happens?? Not cool, aging. Not cool.

I was a little hesitant to drink while on Accutane but since it had been so long and my blood work came back sexy as hell, I figured it couldn’t hurt. Fuck me did the next two days suck. It sounds a little nuts, I’m sure, but I felt like my body had been poisoned. No headache, not tummy ache – just straight up poisoned. Sort of like I was still drunk and like my diseased body might stop working at any moment. Was it worth it? I’d say in my case not so much because it took hours for the booze to kick in and so I ended up being drunk on the way home. ::shrug:: Beats me, man.

Watch me talk about it in real life!



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