A salt with a deadly weapon

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I hadn’t meant to make most of my posts about food, but the clean living fat man inside me cannot be silenced. I pinky promise all my posts won’t be like this. I forget why I was looking into salt in general (random, I know, but I love to learn as much as I can about whatever is in my world) and as soon as I started my research, I immediately regretted it. Same deal as lemons – what in the hell can be in there aside from salt?!


Let’s have a look-see at the back of my salt container:




Salt – Seems legit.


Potassium iodide – Overloads the thyroid to help block the absorption of radioactive iodine. Bonus!


Dextrose – Sugar… IN SALT!!!!! ….why??


Sodium bicarbonate – Baking soda. Sounds harmless, depending on what’s actually in it. Some brands don’t sell you pure baking soda (shock!). Typically aluminum (see next ingredient), cornstarch (GMO fun!) and a slew of others join the party for good measure.


Sodium silicoaluminate – “is an acids alt comprising sodium, aluminum, silicon and oxygen”. Aluminum is neurotoxic and has been under scrutiny over whether or not it leads to Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. Because I’m not without a healthy amount of distrust, I’m sure it’s more than likely that major companies/the government are conveniently neglecting certain factors when performing supposed independent and ungreased scientific researcher to make everything Kosher for Passover.


Talc (makeup aficionados – you may already know about the waves of products currently being made talc-free. There’s a good reason for it: concern over a little known carcinogen called ASBESTOS. FDA claims there’s regulation of asbestos in talc used in makeup and yet the products are still being reformulated without it. It’s being taken out of our makeup but not our FOOD. The FDA thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to allow 2% of it into our salt – just a touch because a “low toxicity” is harmless. Studies regarding talc and its link to cancer are mixed. Not very comforting.


This processed excuse for salt is bleached and stripped of its minerals and barely salts food properly. I’ve found in going to other countries that I end up using a lot less salt on anything I’d eaten because of the actual saltiness of the salt. Conclusion: Table salt is as useful as a beeper.


Even though it pains me to throw most anything out, I went home, marched straight into the kitchen and gave my full container of table salt the boot. I even gave it the stink eye as it made that ever-satisfying thump at the bottom of my trash can. Bastard.


While my reaction to these findings may be deemed dramatic by those who have faith in the people responsible for our food, consider the fact that salt should really only contain one ingredient. Whether or not the added ingredients will lead to our inevitable doom can still be up for question, but the addition should still be examined.


In my frantic research for another alternative, I’ve come across two really great options: Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt. Both are regarded as the purest of salts. The first and somewhat obvious difference is that Celtic Sea Salt comes from (pause for suspense) the sea! It is known as Sel Gris (which means gray salt in French for its color) and comes from the bottom of the salt pans harvested in Brittany, France, near the Celtic sea. Himalayan salt is a rock salt derived from the salt mines of Pakistan and comes in red/pink/off white color.


Both salts have no additives, are high in trace minerals, have a proper balance of sodium chloride, aid in better digestion, resistance to infection, the lowering of water retention, and ridding of excess mucus. There are loads more pros listed for these alternatives but “improved libido” just sounded like an add-on to have us all rushing to our nearest gourmet grocer.


Duh Disclaimer: I am not a scientist, a chemist, a mathematician or a master puppeteer. Use your common sense, savvy research skills and moderation when considering applying this information to your own life. Too much of anything is bad for you – even air. Everything in moderation. Except for this blog. I won’t judge.






16 thoughts on “A salt with a deadly weapon

    1. It’s practically in everything processed nowadays! Roar! Remember when food consisted of… food? I actually bought an ice cream attachment for my Kitchen Aid recently and started making my own ice cream. I was sick of having to search through lines and lines of ingredients and having to Google them for safety. I’d forgotten what real ice cream tasted like.. Holy crap was it worth it! Going back to basics is better for you and ends up tasting so much better!

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  1. I know, so frustrating! I actually did the same thing. There is only one brand of ice cream I buy and that is Breyers natural vanilla. But I like organic dairy so I just make my own sometimes. So much work but at least we know what’s in our food that way right☺️

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    1. Totally – my friends make fun of the fact that I make nearly everything from scratch, but there’s something about it that you don’t get from ready-made. I was talking to my mom yesterday and mid-conversation, it came to me. I work in an office and so the actual work I put in doesn’t have physical results that I can step back and look at with pride and a sense of accomplishment. I get that and so much more when I make my own BBQ sauce or seitan or anything else that you can just buy and heat.


  2. I know how you feel LOL. My family jokes with me about making everything from scratch. Even my skincare products! But many times they are better than what you can buy AND better for you. So why wouldn’t I just do it myself😊

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  3. Yes I just got a good recipe down. I plan to put it on my blog soon but am still waiting to hear back from my friends who are trying it out. So far its a big hit! I can get you the recipe beforehand if need it too. Hope to post it in a couple weeks😊

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    1. Can you add me to your list of guinea pigs? The Himalayan salt failed me, milk of magnesia only works in the summertime for some reason (you’d think it would work during the winter when you’re doing a less sweating…) so now I’m just putting straight up coconut oil. Today is day one and something tells me I’m gunna start stinking very soon. I don’t know that there’s a way to private message on here so I’ll make a separate reply with my email address and once you confirm you’ve received it, I’ll delete that comment.

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